Order of Operations

Bingo Order of Operations:

What is the Order of Operations?

Order of Operations is usually considered with Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS) for which the "P" stands for parenthesis, " E" for exponents, "M" for multiplication, "D" for division, "A" for addition and "S" for subtraction. In doing these operations we can solve mathematical expressions.

BIngo Review:

Today as a quick review for the small quiz (today) and to add a little bit of fun into math, we are going to play Order of Operations bingo. I will be giving you a BINGO board with expressions on it and I will be calling out one answer at a time. Then you as students will have to solve each expression (before the game starts) to win Bingo. This is a good way to practice the Order of Operations in a fun and exciting math game.

Some Bingo Expression Examples:

Some of the Expressions on the BINGO card's will have multiple steps and others will not, be careful in your math and make sure to do the operations in order.

Bingo Rules:

Your are to play individually, We will have three different opportunities for you to win. The winner will get two extra points on their mini quiz. Students will have to put a chip on the equation to the answer I call out, once you get five in a row, column, or diagonal you may call out Bingo and see if you really do have a BINGO. To check if you have a BINGO I will have you tell me what answers you put to what expressions if you are wrong we will assume and keep going until I find another winner. If you are right I will hand out new boards and we sill start again.