Sanrhea Technical Textiles Limited

Technically Improvised Production of Industrial Fabrics

Factory Friendly Textiles

Industry usable fabric stuff is exclusively made from engineering components to make them suitable for varieties of applications. Some of them are chafer fabric, liner and belting fabric. As the name suggests each form is prepared to match respect type of produce.


Chafer is a significant substance applied in the making of tyre rims. This is considered as an auxiliary ingredient for rubber tyres as it posses high tension and adhesion properties. The rigid texture makes this substance suitable for different types of tyres including the ones considered for engineering machines and aircraft.

How Liners are produced?

Liner is made from woven polypropylene multi/mono substance as per application preference. It is widely applied in rubber valcunising industry. Liners finished from polyester fabric are functional in RFL dipping plants with 180cm of width. It belongs to most modern range of automated equipment that is currently used in India and this machine can produce about 160 tons of liner fabric in a month

Belting Stuff

Belting component is yet another outcome of woven stuff obtained from nylon 6, nylon 66 and EP or poly nylon. The ingredients are dipped upto 180 cms width. They are useful in mutifid yarns and mainly used in the production of auto, motorcycle, bicycle, electric car and agricultural machine tyres and safety air bags.

Industrial Textile Manufacturing

Sanrhea Technical Textiles Ltd is located in Gujarat and managed by Mr.Tushar Patel is an ISO 9001:2008 approved company. Our company is involved in producing industrial fabric materials for conveyor belts, tyres and rubber products. We are the main supplier of Diaphragm Material to the well known Ms Sundaram Auto Components Ltd.

Full Fletched Construction Capacity

With elaborate manufacturing facility this company has established as popular and acclaimed producer of industry friendly and technical fabrics. Due to durably quality of merchandize we are able to preserve strong business in international market covering assortment of of countries including Australia, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Argentina, Canada and Africa.

Infrastructure Support

Our production unit is well equipped with superior range of devices including saurer alma tyre-cord twisters, Pranshant Gamatex warping instrument, sulzer projectile looms for weaving 3.5 meter width material, RFL dipping plant, etc. These are some of the most recent versions of automated equipments introduced recently in India.

Production Strategy

Being an ISO standardized company; we make sure that all our makes are adhered to superior quality in accordance with industrial application norms. Our company follows efficient method for evaluating and testing raw materials and final produce. The testing procedure remains regular activity here and we maintain standards with the help of well furnished laboratory in which all sorts of textiles are tested. Special equipment support called mini vulcanizing press is applied to examine samples of belts and their adhesion values.


Industry friendly textiles are made using specific components like nylon, polypropylene , etc. These are processed and brought into base material for making finite product especially rubber based components. When it comes to production, technically advanced methods like dipping, is employed here to obtain the outcome in desired texture.