In the Time of the Butterflies

By Julia Alvarez

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Julia Alvarez...

Julia Alvarez is regarded as one of the most successful Latina writers of her time. Her books include five novels, a book of essays, four collections of poetry, four children's books, and two works of teen fiction.She received the Lamont Prize in 1974, first prize in narrative from the Third Woman Press Award in 1986, and an award from the General Electric Foundation in 1986.


In the Time of the Butterflies tells the stories of the Mirabal sisters. They sacrificed their safe and comfortable lives for freedom in their country. Their codename in the revolution was Las Mariposas, "The Butterflies," and in this novel, Patria, Minerva, Maria Teresa, and Dedé tell their own stories of their experiences in the Revolution.

People Are Saying...

  • "by dealing with real historical figures in this novel, Ms. Alvarez has been much more ambitious than she was in her first, as if she needed to have her American self learn what it was really like in her native land."
  • "her pen lends it an authenticity and sense of urgency seldom found elsewhere."
  • "a wonderful examination of how it feels to be a survivor."