Each petal, a new age.

Emma Jane Paul


I am fourteen and fun! I love friends, dance, MMA, and to sing. My personality color is blue that means i am very family oriented, creative, sometimes a little crazy and I am proud of it! My friends are considered my family and I gain new family members every day because of it. I am a huge procrastinator, I am some what organized, and 98% of the time I'm fun! (every one has those days)


When you have a Blue personality it means that you are fun, creative, loves people, basically you live in the moment!

My Brain

To be left brain means that you are very logical, organized, love to look for answers, you are very smart, and easily solve problems. To be right brain means that you are a risk taker, emotional, happy, and in the moment. ( fun ) No offense left brains! :) I am right brained! The colored and creative part of the brain is the percent of right brain I am, and the organized side is the percent of left brain I am.
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