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Arrival Times for Participants

Dear Region 10N VASE Participants,

Now that all the information in the website is locked in and accurate I have run the Scheduler for the last time and have attached your arrival times and first judging time. Teachers from the same schools should have the same or only slightly different arrival times so that you can use a common bus.

NOTE that the scheduled arrival times are 60 minutes prior to the first scheduled interview.

One more special word – if you find that you have somehow arrived late (nature, late student, etc) please do not panic!! We will not turn any of your students away. As soon as they have gone through Qualifications, just send them directly to their juror room even if it is passed the scheduled time. The schedule is there for us to do our best but never to penalize for tardiness!

You may find the schedule here. Again, this is tentative schedule.

Want more information on how to prepare your artwork properly? Check out the teacher resource page on the Region 10N VASE Website!

Don't forget to check out our Region 10N VASE Website for helpful information for you and your students! The website address is:


Also, back by popular demand! Remind 101 VASE 10N Reminders! You can sign up for text / email reminders about the event and the day of the event by going to:


Other Important VASE Dates

The VASE Regional Event registration process for Region 10N is based on the following dates.

Print Forms after 02/17/16 Midnight.

Region 10N VASE Event 02/27/16.

Event Location: Williams High School

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 7am

1717 17th St

Plano, TX