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June 2023

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  • End of Year Note
  • Final Exam Schedule
  • Final Exam Tips
  • Junior College Summer Checklist
  • Mental Health

End of Year Note

Unbelievably, the end of the school year is almost upon us!

Again this year, the Wachusett School Counseling Department has enjoyed supporting students and families with their academic and socio/emotional needs, as well as college and career planning. We look forward to continuing our partnership with families into the coming school year, so please reach out if there is anything we can help with.

We would be remiss if we didn’t offer our congratulations to all of the graduating seniors for their hard work and dedication! We have loved seeing your next destinations written on our windows and will think of you fondly as you begin this exciting next chapter!

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The counselors will not be in the office this summer, but our two administrative assistants can assist with work permits, transcripts, and other walk-in requests during the hours of 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday - Friday. Please note that no schedule changes for the 2023.2024 school year will be made over the summer. Students will need to speak to their counselor in the first ten days of school to discuss possible scheduling changes for next school year.

The School Counseling Department wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable summer, with hopefully a lot of time to relax and recharge for the coming school year. Thank you for your support and continued collaboration!

Kendra Cantrell & the School Counseling Department

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams will take place between Friday, June 16th through Thursday, June 22nd. Below you can find the schedule.

Friday, 6/16: D Block Final (Full Day of School)

Tuesday, 6/20: E and F Block Finals (1/2 Day with 11:05 dismissal)

Wednesday, 6/21: G and A Block Finals (1/2 Day with 11:05 dismissal)

Thursday, 6/22: B and C Block Finals (1/2 Day with 11:05 dismissal)

Friday 6/23: Last Day of School (1/2 Day with 11:05 dismissal)

Final Exam Tips

Final exams are coming up, so it is important to know what to study. Like the midterm exams, reach out to your teachers if you are unsure of what exactly to study. Below are some tips to help you study for your final exams

  • Create a study schedule
  • Try organizing a study group with your friends
  • Try the Stop-Light Study technique found in our January Newsletter
  • Make it fun by quizzing yourself or create a quiz game with your friends
  • Take breaks and stay well-rested

Junior College Summer Checklist

Juniors! Summer break is the perfect time to start your post-secondary planning. The start of senior year in the fall can be busy, so completing some tasks during the summer can help you avoid stress down the road. Here are some tasks you can complete over the summer:

  • If you are still thinking of what career path you are interested in or what college to attend, Naviance can help! Under the "Self-Discovery" tab in Naviance, you can find career related assessments including: Career Cluster Finder and Career Interest Profiler.

  • Narrow down your college list: Research and learn more about the schools you have on your list to see if they will be a good fit. Your list should be well balanced with reach, target, and safety schools. Try visiting those schools over the summer too or do a virtual tour. Try the Naviance SuperMatch tool to help you find colleges that may be a good match if you are still not sure where to apply.

  • Create a check list: Staying organized will help you complete your applications successfully. This can help you keep track of required materials and deadlines.

  • Work on you college essay: Working on your essay during the summer can save you some stress during the fall when classes pick back up. You can read the Common Application prompts here. Be sure to check if any of the schools you are applying to require a supplemental essay. Try workshopping your essay with your friends and family. For college application essay resources, click here.

  • Take some time to learn about financial aid: Summer is a great opportunity for students and families to learn about the various aspects about financial aid.

Applications on the Common App open on August 1, 2023 for the class of 2024

Mental Health


WachuCloset is a resource to provide our students with gently-used clothing to meet their basic needs. The closet is a safe space for all students and is size inclusive. If you would like to visit the closet, please see your counselor.

Summer Break Mental Health Tips

You've made it through another school year and summer vacation is just around the corner! Although the summer can be a fun and relaxing time, it is still important to practice strategies to maintain your mental health. Here are some tips to help you maintain your mental health over the summer break!

  • Get outside: Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you enjoy swimming or walking around your neighborhood, moving your body will help get those endorphins flowing! What are some new activities you can try?
  • Change of scenery: Along with getting active, changing up your environment can help you refreshed and recharged. This can include going for a walk or visiting one of your favorite places!
  • Create structure: Being out of school can give you more free time in your schedule. However, maintaining structure and routine can help reduce anxiety by creating more predictability. Keep up with your usual routines and schedule fun activities into your day!

Summer Mental Health Resources

A large part of the WRHS School Counseling Department's role is to assist students and families with mental health and social-emotional concerns. Many times students and families ask us for counseling agencies and other resources and supports. By clicking the button below, you will see a list of summer mental health resources along with clickable links with additional information.

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