Mission San Diego de alcala

Hermione Cipriano 2016

Mission History

MissonSan Diego de alcala was built July 16,1769. The mission is the first of the mission. The day was built wall native Americans dld the construction. Mission lndian in front is pouring Adobe mix into a bricks were then driedirin the sun for the church. Founded of mission is father junipero Serra. The neophyte population at San Diego in is peak years 1796-183 averaged over 1,500 the highest population was 1829 in 1827. Mission penodo 17695 1833. Is miles north of the California. Mexico border, on a hill about eight miles from the pacify ocean San diego California.


Tipi kumeyaay Indians in the area lived. Prieststrained the Indians women in candle and soap making. Weaving, sewing, and cooking. Some men worked in the fields as farmers and cow boys. Others where blak smiths and leather tanners. Women who worked in the kitcher. The rest of the Indians lived just outside the walls.