AIMing for the U.K.

Brier Scott



As you may know, my time here in Scotland is coming to an end for now. After seeking God's direction specifically for this time in my life, He has opened the doors for me to continue my ministry in missions as an AIM'er in the great country of Ireland! Lord willing, I will be able to return to Europe by the end of this September at latest and stay there until my visa expires at the end of August 2016. There is a lot of work to be done for the Lord's kingdom in Ireland and I desire to get back as soon as I can! I will be returning to the States this July where I'll be raising funds, but if you are interested in financially supporting my ministry as I endeavor to reach the people of Ireland with God's love and truth, my contact information is provided on this flyer.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or Facebook if you are interested or have any questions about donating, what exactly it is that I do overseas, or anything else! I'd love to hear from you!

NewLife Church, Glasgow

May was an exciting month for Newlife Church and there were several of notable happenings that took place including a district ladies meeting hosted at NewLife. Women from different churches all over Scotland gathered together in Glasgow as we joined together in outreach, a discussion/Q&A session, and an afternoon service where we worshipped and heard different individuals speak about their testimonies regarding outreach and share the Word of God. I especially appreciated this event because it specifically focused on reaching out to your local community with the intent that souls will come to know Christ!

My heart is so pleased and joyed to say that at least two individuals have been baptized during the month of May and two of the youth have received the Holy Ghost! To God be the glory!

It's been a great month for NewLife church of Glasgow! Although I was only in attendance for two Sunday services due to weekend ministry trips in other UK locations, I feel extremely blessed to be a part of what God is doing at this church and in this City.

Harvest Bible College

The days are drawing nearer to the day that myself and 7 other students knew was coming, but didn't realize how quickly it would approach... GRADUATION DAY! How we've been here at Harvest Bible College nearly a year is completely insane to me, but it's true.

We were honored and happy to welcome our guest teachers for the month which included our dear Bro. Geissler who has been with us for the entire 3rd term, Bro. Kevin Payne (Nashville, TN), Bro. and Sis. John and Susan Beek who are also term teachers.

Ministry trip to Elgin, Scotland

About 20 young people from NewLife church traveled to Elgin for a weekend ministry trip with the intent to reach out and connect with the community in this small coastal town. We participated in several different kinds of outreach which included a mini concert in Elgin's City Center, passing out flyers to let people know about Calvary Tabernacle (Pastor Bro. and Sis. Eric and Kathleen Coker), and simply just speaking to people as we were out in town. I believe that there are people who are truly hungry for the truth in Elgin and a call from a lady who received a flyer thanking us for passing out the flyers and requesting prayer validated this. No matter where you are or how cold and closed off the people in your city may seem to the ways and Word of God, there are people who want to know about this Jesus Christ that we proclaim. The Lord is drawing people still today!

Although there were no visitors on the Sunday service that was lead by the youth, God's presence was in the midst of all of us and one of our very own received the Holy Ghost! Thank you, Jesus! I'm so thankful and repeatedly amazed at how God's spirit has no bounds and can meet us even in a small church all the way in the Highlands of Scotland.

Edinburgh Church

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to visit and speak at the Edinburgh church pastored by missionaries John and Susan Beek. Every time I have been at the Edinburgh church my life has been touched in some way. It's always a treat to be around and serve under this incredible power couple and I so appreciate their sensitivity to the Lord's leading, passion for souls, enthusiasm for missions, time invested in pouring into the students at HBC, personal testimonies, and faithfulness in all that they do. They have been an encouragement to my life and ministry and I'll always be grateful for this!

Ministry trip to Lakenheath, England

Other than the many layovers I've had in England... This ministry trip was my first time traveling to England after being in the UK for nearly 10 months!

Myself and two fellow classmates, Emily Hefner and Jeanette Sanchez (who are also AIMer's), traveled to London where we stayed for the weekend. We were able to explore London more briefly than I would prefer since we had only a short amount of time and other engagements, but it was still wonderful to get the chance to see this famous, buzzing city. London was great in all, but it was the opportunity to minister at the military base church in Lakenheath pastored by former AIM'er to Scotland, Sis. Allison Mitchell, that made this trip purposeful. She so kindly hosted us at her house for the night that we stayed and accommodated us so generously!

It's interesting how fast you can grow to love a place, a people, or a church, but that is what happened when I visited the Lakenheath church. The people of this church stole my heart as soon as I began conversing with them. They were so welcoming and kind to us three visiting AIM'ers and even prepared food because they knew we were coming! My heart was so touched by the generosity, warmth, and genuine kindness they showed us while we were there. I would so love to return to this church again one day and visit the precious saints there!

It was a privilege to lead worship for the Sunday service and to minister alongside my dear friends as Jeanette testified and also translated from English to Spanish while Emily Hefner ministered the Word of God.

Thank you!

Thank you SO, so much to those who are supporting me in prayer and have financially contributed to my ministry here in the U.K.

Below are a few links where you can contact me and keep updated on what is going on in my life. If you feel led to donate towards my ministry and call to missions, feel free to e-mail me! Any kind of support is appreciated immensely.

Again, thank you!