Panther Corporation Newsletter

January 2020

Corporation Meeting with Stakeholder Group First Meeting Summary

On January 13, 2020, a group of stakeholders met with Mrs. Riise, Superintendent, to work with her in an advisory capacity to continually improve the education, programming, and facilities for our students. During this meeting, as well as future ones, many topics will be discussed. These topics include: what we want future graduates to learn and be able to do, what programs we need for our students to be college and career ready, what our facilities need in order for these programs to be successful not only for students but our teachers, and so much more!

The following are the important findings by our stakeholders after reading several articles about 21st century learning and what our students need to be college and career ready. We wanted to take a moment to share these with all of you:

1. Less educated workers are most likely to be displaced while the youngest and oldest workers will face unique challenges.

2. Future workers must be agile, think critically, problem solve real time problems, learn soft skills, collaborate and deal with artificial intelligence and automation.

3 We need to improve the quality of basic education.

4. Personalize learning opportunities for all students. We need to ensure we are inclusive of ALL students.

5. The development of talent is greater when a variety of stakeholders contribute to education.

6. Education does not always take place in the classroom or in traditional ways.

7. Engage in lifelong learning.

8. If you do not continue to pursue education, you become stale.

9. "I lived this and helped my career greatly."

10. More workers need college degrees or certificates. Certain skills and technology are needed for jobs of tomorrow.

11. More productivity with robots = less people and jobs for the future

12. Soft skills are key in today's work force and even globally!

13. Teaching coping skills and ability to handle change is imperative for career, growth, and adaptability.

14. Life skills is imperative for the job force.

15. Lifelong change and Lifelong Learning!

16. Industry partnerships provide our students with opportunities!

17. Hands on projects provide real world experiences for our students!

18. Career pathways are changing.

19. Healthcare and STEM provide personal interactions for students.

20. Willingness to change opens a world of opportunity!

21. Important to develop thinkers and communications that can adapt!

22. Soft skills are always in demand!

23. There is an inside out approach to change. We need to have shared understanding, peer coaching, ability to make mistakes and try again, develop leaders in others, build on strengths of others and district, reframe our goals, and put curiosity and engagement first.

24. Real life experiences are needing for our students!

25. Students will have multiple jobs or "gigs" in their future.

26. Traditional jobs as we know it will no longer be in existence.

27. Students need to have online learning and connections to be successful after high school.

28. We need to ensure that our students learn the human elements or what we refer to as the soft skills.

29. Students deserve to build on "bright spots" or their interests throughout their learning.

30. We need to instill lifelong learning in our students.

31. We need to ensure that our students fin connections between traditional jobs and technology.

32. We need to start early in a student's education and with change!

33. Employment Expectations of the future include:

  • Need for soft skills of listening, creativity, team building, agility, adaptability, critical thinking, curiosity, and intrinsic motivation.

  • Technology which includes artificial intelligence, automation and coding.

  • Work-based learning opportunities with dual-credit opportunities and on the job training.

34. We need to create agile thinkers.

35. We need students to realize that they will need to reinvest in themselves throughout their future through lifelong learning and training, problem solving, and growth mindset.

36. Experiences are the key in K-12 education. Students can build their life resume.

37. We are preparing students for jobs that currently don't exist.

38. The most curious we are, the more likely we are to enjoy strong relationships and life happiness.

39. Career and tech education programs aren't useful if it is preparing students for jobs that are vanishing!

40. Within the next 3 years, manufactures will employ more college graduates than those with HS education or less.

41. If we don't create local opportunity, students will continue to leave the community.

42. Businesses must develop partnerships. Students will develop when we bring business, education, community, philanthropic, and local government together.

43. We must develop soft skills...interviewing and banking!

44. College is not for all students!

45. Factory workers are replaced by advanced manufacturing jobs.

46. Standardized tests will continue to drive uninspired, low-level teaching and learning!

47. us for GPS!

  • We need to create productive members of society!

  • We need to continue to learn and create lifelong learners!

  • We need to include soft skills in our teaching with communication, critical thinking, and peer to peer interactions.

51. Learning at school should include partnerships with businesses. Learning at home can be in the comfort of our homes and is needed for future work places!

52. Robust early education is needed for ALL children!

53. Agility is preparing jobs for students that do not yet exist.

54. Students need to learn how to working closely with people from different races, ethnic groups and social economic statuses.

55. Test based accountability is based only on assessment of skills. We need to get away from testing based on skills!

56. Plumbing, HAV, carpentry have specific skill sets that will continue to be in demand and have not been automated. We need people to fill these jobs!


Please know that as the stakeholder group continues to meet, we will share our notes and information with all of you through this newsletter.

The attachments are the articles that were shared with the stakeholder group on January 13th. Take time to read these articles. These articles will provide you an understanding of what is happening currently within education and our workforce.

If you wish to be a part of this process, please contact Mrs. Riise at We will be happy to have you join us!