Ecological Footprint


What is an Ecological Footprint?

the impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources.
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I chose this specific calculator solely because it was the most detailed and colorful one on the market. I loved how it gave you a little tool to scroll and choose kind of like a timeline. It was helpful to me and realizing with how many earths would be sustained by giving me a visual picture.

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Carbon Market

Critical component in reducing the carbon footprint and it finances a broad range of different actions used to intend to stabilize an overall CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
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5 ways to reduce your CARBON FOOTPRINT

1: Carpool if living around people who are going to the same place as you; such as work, school, church, dinner!

2: Appliances watch the usage of them and unplug things before leaving your home such as straighter, phone charger, lamps, etc!

3: Compost sight in your own back yard, making new enriched soils with your own scraps.

4: Recycle necessary items.

5: Keep your heating and cooling systems new and up to par.

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