Chapter 9

Minor characters: Vangelie and Yorgos

During this trip, she made other acquaintances the first of whom was Vangelie, a handsome boy in his early teens. Vangelie and his family receive the Blancos very cozily into their restaurant and made them feel very welcome. He is eager to cooperate with anything they might need and offers a delicious meal. Then, she meets Yorgos who is a sexy 17 year old guy who asks Jodee on a date even though he did not manage the English language.He makes Jodee feel very special because someone had noticed her. He and his friends teach Jodee some greek words.

"This magical island releases me somehow, I am free and exuberant. School seems faraway; another world"

This trip was a wonderful experience for Jodee. She made new friends, learned from a new culture, and brought her closer to her parents. Her vacation was an escape from her everyday reality, which caused her so much pain. It was the first time she enjoyed life as any other typical teenager.

"I am looking at you, and I think you are beautiful, and one day, a husband will, too."

When Niko says this to Jodee, she felt like a beautiful princess. Jodee understands that someday, someone would love and accept her just they way she is. Her future husband would see all her imperfections as the things that make her unique.

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 9pm

611 Cedar Avenue