The beautiful country of Croatia

Croatia joins the EU.

Croatia joined the European Union in July of 2013. Fun fact: it is the most recent country to join the EU!

History of Croatia

Croatia was apart of the Austria-Hungarian Empire until the close of WW1 in 1918. It is located in South-Eastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea.


The pan-slav colors were inspired by the 19th century flag of Russia.


Croatia's capital is Zagreb. Some major cities are Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka, and Pula.

Tourism in Croatia.

If you are going to Croatia you should go to the Dubrovnik walls, and Krka National Park because they are well known places and are very beautiful, and quite the sight to see.

Physical Features

Croatia has mountains and many rivers. It is even bordered by the Adriatic Sea.


Croatia has a parliamentary democracy.


Before entering the EU and using Euros, Croatia used a currency called the kuna.

Interesting Facts