Hoover Newsletter 10/18/20

Go Hedgies!

Kindergarten and First Grade Hybrid Classes Return!

This week saw the return of children to Hoover in person! It has been so nice to have the kids back, and they are doing an excellent job. Each child has on a face covering; all students' parents need to fill out a health screener each day before the kids can come in; parents stay off campus; students are distanced in the classroom and outside; they are washing their hands and using hand sanitizer regularly. Best of all, they are playing, smiling, laughing, and learning in person with their classmates!

Classrooms look different now, that's for sure. Instead of tables for collaborating, tables are separated with shields or kids are in separate desks altogether. We have around 10 students at the most in class at one time, our playground is divided up into zones, and lunch is brought to the classroom in a "take-and-go" type of format.

Your children who are here in person have been so respectful of each other, they are keeping masks on, and they are playing so nice together. In class, they are focused and diligent in their studies. I am so proud of all of them!

Thank you to our families who have clearly worked hard with their children on manners, following rules and guidelines, and staying focused. We all appreciate your efforts, and we are doing everything we can to make sure your children are safe, happy , and learning here at Hoover.

Our Next Materials Pick up is This Week - October 21 and 22

It's another pick up week, everyone! Wednesday, October 21, will be this week's pick up for grades K-2, and Thursday, October 22, will be this week's pick up for grades 3-5!

Remember, Mrs. Howell will put books out for those who reserved them. Books are also reserved by our FDL students, so look for a notice from Mrs. Howell. They won't have materials to pick up at Hoover, but they may have books.

Please don't forget!

Also, the children who are moving to new classes will pick up from their CURRENT teacher. This is very important to remember!

See you on Wednesday and Thursday!

Hybrid Daily Health Screening and Common Sense

As we bring students back to school in person, there are a great deal of procedures we are putting in place at school. From spacing outside and inside classrooms, cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, having very small stable cohorts of children at school at one time, separate play areas outside, plastic shield in classrooms on desks to separate children, and the requirement of masks and PPE for all students and staff at school. There are so many more, but one that will be so important is a daily health screening parents will do at home for their children.

Most of us who go in to work each day fill out a screener before setting foot on our job sites. Are we experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? Have you been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19? The screener you will need to take before your children can be on campus each day is the same one. We will have a record of who and who has not taken it, and if it has not been done, you will need to take this for them. Here are the details:

Daily Health Screening: Welcome to ParentSquare!

The daily health screening process for students returning to campus will be completed in a system called ParentSquare. Parents can access the daily screener by logging into the ID Portal (https://id.pausd.org) and clicking on the ParentSquare icon. Detailed instructions will be pushed out at the end of this week for students returning to campuses on Monday.

You can access it now on the ID Portal, so you know what it looks like, but as the message above states, detailed instructions will be pushed out to all of you later this week. Again, this will be something that needs to be done every day for every child coming to Hoover in person.

Our Next Students Back: 2nd and 3rd Grade!

Thank you to all the 2nd and 3rd grade parents who filled out their surveys. Again, I know this isn't easy, but this year is so unusual.

As I have built classes this past week (and this weekend), the reality is that there has been a lot of shifting in these two grades. As we look at numbers not just at Hoover but at our cluster schools, it became clear very quickly that schools were going to have to work with each other. In our case, we'll have a teacher joining us in person (hybrid), and a teacher who will have students from two schools, ours and another one. The teachers are excellent, and one way to think of this is that our kids get to experience amazing teachers who are not just from our school.

The teachers in the classes where kids are currently are in charge of beginning of the year testing, grading, filling in fields on progress reports, and more. It's going to take real teamwork to make this all happen. Luckily, PAUSD teachers are experts at that.

I will be calling families tomorrow who have switched to a new familiar teacher and to a teacher you may not be familiar with. As the placement was instituted using numbers of students from many schools, understand that we won't be changing placements. We are careful of placing siblings in the same cohort, keeping cohorts A and B as even as possible, and ensuring familiarity (friends) within the classes. The key to all of this is being flexible and understanding this process takes a lot of creativity to develop the cohorts.

It will be nice to have some of the 2nd and 3rd graders back with us next Monday, the 26th!

Families will be notified of their placement by Monday at 5:00 p.m. As I said, you may also be getting phone call from Mr. Sherman.

Santa Clara County is Now in the Orange Tier!

Here's an article from KTVU.com regarding the change in tier color:


This won't really change a lot for schools, but it certainly changes things for businesses in our county. Just a reminder, everyone, to stay on top of the mask-wearing and hand-washing. I appreciate the businesses opening up for some indoor dining, hair salons, indoor pools and museums, and the way communities have been successful keeping the cases to a minimum is staying vigilant.

Nothing changes for us as far as face coverings, the health screener, or physical distancing goes, but like I said staying on top of safety protocols like this are key in keeping us all healthy and happy.

Take care!

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