Finley-Oates Board Report

January 2021

Enrollment as of January 20, 2021

Total BISD Students= 505

Total County Students= 8

Total Number of students served on Finley-Oates Campus = 513

Upcoming Events

February 2 - 5:15 - PTO Meeting

February 4 - 100th Day of School Celebration

February 11 - Group Pictures

February 12 - Valentine's Day parites

Student of the Month - Ryllie Sampson

Ryllie is the daughter of Jennifer and Walter Sampson. She plays basketball and is a Girl Scout. Ryllie's hobbies include riding her hoverboard or bicycle and playing with her sisters. She also enjoys taking care of her rabbit Orea, helping her mom cook and playing Play Station with her dad. When Ryllie grows up she wants to be veterinarian. Ryllie's teacher, Laura Hogan, says Ryllie is an excellent example of Warrior Pride! She is hard working, kind, and always has a positive attitude. She constantly tries her very best at everything she does. Ryllie has a very strong work ethic and takes initiative to help others as needed. Ryllie is respectful and attentive in class. Finley-Oates and Bonham ISD are lucky to have a student like Ryllie to hlep make our school a better place.
BISD Board Goal 3: Ensure all students have high levels of academic achievement

with a focus on literacy and mathematics through improved leadership, instruction, support and a climate of continuous improvement.

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BISD Goal 4: Promote a positive and service-oriented culture within the

Bonham ISD.

Celebration Days

To show our teachers we appreciate all they do everyday, we have been recognizing some of the National Days. On January 15, we recognized National Bagel Day and had bagels for all of the staff members. On January 19, we recognized National Popcorn Day, and everyone received a bag of popcorn. On Monday, January 25, we will recognize World Compliment Day. The students have been learning about compliments. Each student will give another student a compliment on a post it note. The notes will be placed on our Rainbow Wall. The teacher will ensure everyone in the class gets a compliment.