Arts/ Entertainment


What: Recreation sports start to become popular and people attended more large sport events and also watch them on T.V.

Time Period: In the 1950s and to present day.

Location: Across the United States.

Cause: People were starting to get more money that they could spend on sporting events.

Reason: Very entertaining and they started to get more vacation time.

Result: Sports became a large form of entertainment and still are today.

Significance: It made the professional sport players into a figure that people looked up to.

To whom: Sports fans and individuals that played sports.

Rock 'n' Roll

What: The music that was black and white, it was the music of America.

Time Period: The early to mid-1950s.

Location: Across the United States.

Cause: People like Elvis Presley changed the way people thought about music.

Reason: He and other people wanted to make an American music genre.

Result: This became the most popular music genre in the late 50s.

Significance: This changed peoples thoughts about American music.

To whom: The listeners of this music.