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In our world today, there are many religions that are being practice. Some of them being Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Judaism, etc. Of those who practice religions other than Christianity, it seems they face discrimination whether its for parking or jobs.
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This picture shows a girl and others sitting on the sides of a road holding up a sign that says, "STOP killing innocent Christians in Pakistan." The religion practiced in Pakistan is Islam, but since there were people that were Christian, they killed them. These lives taken were innocent and were only killed because of what they believed in.

Easter Bombing in Islamabad, Pakistan

On Eastern Sunday in Islamabad, Pakistan Christians gathered to celebrate the event, and then tragedy struck. "A breakaway Pakistani faction of the militant Taliban group claimed responsibility" (Khan, 2016). The group responsible set off a bomb that killed 72 people and wounded 341 others. The bomb was targeted towards Christians, said the perpetrators. They had killed innocent humans due to the fact that they believed in something they thought was wrong. As you can see by this incident and the photo above, Christians are frequently harmed in Pakistan because they believe in a different religion. "'This cowardly act in what has long been a scenic and placid park has killed dozens of innocent civilians and left scores injured,' National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said in a statement" (Saifi, 2016). Ned Price spoke out about this appalling event. He also said that the people that committed this awful act were cowards, you should never act upon your religious hatred. All people have the right to practice any religion they want without being harassed.

Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Some Americans have been experiencing discrimination, been declined jobs and have been neglected in the workplace because of their religion. "The bases of workplace harassment extend beyond sex and race to include age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and gender identity, a panel of experts told the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace (STF) in a public meeting held yesterday" ("Many Bases of Discrimination Can Lead to Harassment, Panel of Experts Tells EEOC Task Force," 2015). This panel of experts told the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that workplace harassment includes religion. Due to the beliefs of certain people, their needs are not met at work because of this, as shown in the picture below titled, Religious Discrimination in American Workplaces. People are harassed in their workplace just because of their religion, which is not a very good reason to cause harm towards someone. We should be judged based on our personality, not our beliefs, we have the right to believe in whatever we want to believe in.

Take a Stand Against Religious Discrimination

In our world


, religious discrimination is everywhere. It is our responsibility to never act upon religious bias, or even judge someone based on their religion. If you do witness acts such as this in your workplace, you can report it. Take action and don't just stand around and let the issue surpass. Don't ever change your beliefs based on what others may think or do. To read more on religious discrimination or hatred visit

More Examples of Religious Hatred and Discrimination

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