True Legend

By: Mike Lupica

The future is anything but a slam dunk.


This book is about a boy named Drew / True Robinson who lived in Southern California and was always the best at basketball. He had a dream ever sense he was a little kid of playing as a NBA point guard. One night as he was doing his afternoon run at Morrison Park. He saw a man who was everything Drew wanted to be. He called him The Ghost Man, only because you couldn't really see him because of the dark clothes he would wear. The point is Drew tried to do every move, play, and shot that the ghost man did. Just so turned out that he was awarded the MVP of high school basketball. Everyone called him Lebron Jr. because of how good of a player he was. Drew didn't even have to try to get in the NBA, the NBA came to him. But as he was getting drafted for the Golden State Warriors, it was reported that the ghost man had died in a house fire. So this made Drew set off on a long search to find out that the ghost man didn't die in the fire, but his pride for basketball did. Doesn't mean Drew believed this too. He tried and tried to get the Ghost man to back up. And Drew finally realized that the man can really fly, and he told Drew,"win as a team, loose as a team."


I chose this book because basketball is one of my favorite sports and i have always liked Mike Lupica's books. My favorite part of the book occurred when Drew dunked over his award winning rival "King Gadsen," and won them the game. In my opinion this is one of the best basketball books you will ever read. I liked the part when Drew first saw the ghost man, and tried to do all the moves he would. The only part I disliked was when Drew lost yet another very, very close game. I would recommend this book for people who are relly into basketball and those who want to know how the pros start.
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Mike Lupica

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True Legend by Mike Lupica