The Throne Of Fire

Get ready to go on an adventure with Sadie and Carter Kane!


The Throne of Fire is set all around the world. Characters travel from country to country while they fight monsters. Carter and Sadie Kane explore places like London, Egypt, and Russia.

objective summary

Sadie and Carter travel to many different places. They travel to a bunch of different countries. They go to London, Egypt, and Russia, They even travel to the underworld.It must be tough traveling to the underworld because there are a lot of monsters. You always have to be ready and you have to be quick because a monster could strike at any time. Carter and Sadie are fighting monsters to save there good friend Zia.


the characteristics of Carter are he is very protective of his family and friends. He is a gentlemen because it is just the way his dad raised him. he is also very brave he protects his family no matter what is going on. The characteristics of Sadie are she is the youngest child. She is very good with magic and she is pretty smart for the most part.


The three main characters in this story are Sadie, Carter, and Amos. Sadie and Carter are siblings and they travel the world to defeat monsters. They are both magicians and use their magic to destroy monsters. Amos is their uncle who takes care of them. Sadie has a cat named Bast. She is a goddess and has magical powers.


I predict that Sadie will get lost in the underworld. I think Carter and Bast will come to save her. But it will be really tough to get Sadie back because they are in the underworld and that is where all the monsters live. So they will need all of the help they can get. I think they will look and act like monsters so they can go and take Sadie back.