Stealing Africa

And the effects of the copper mines in Zambia

How does this Film Relate to economics?

This film has a great impact on economics considering the trade of copper worldwide and how since Zambia is such a hotspot for copper, what impact that will have for their country economically.


This film showed us the relation of copper mines in Zambia and how much that can impact so many people worldwide and we don't even think about it. This film did show objective information considering the use of real interviews from people in Zambia, politicians even from other countries, and even the Vice President of Zambia himself!


Zambia is a hotspot for copper. And you might find it surprising to find that copper is very valuable from a worldwide perspective.


My perspective on this film was very interesting. I have always loved and wanted to help Africa as a whole strive to become better. I think that this is not good in environmental and physical way but this copper business is striving. I think that the copper mines should find a different way to produce copper and make it able to import in a different way that does not harm the people and environment.
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Rating: four stars

I was very intrigued but it was a very bland documentary not really telling anyone how we can change this and make a difference.


-How is it that Africa is so rich in resources and yet so poor?

-Glencore makes so much money from copper mining in Zambia that the mayor of the village in which the company is registered can’t spend all the money the company contributes to the public coffers. Meanwhile 70 per cent of Zambia’s population live on less than $2.00 a day and 80 per cent are unemployed.


- What effects do the copper mines have on Zambia Physically?

The copper mines can cause respiratory cancer, harmful things to the lungs, and acid rain which has a very negative impact on the production of crops

- What effects have the copper mines had on Zambia politically?

Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. However, with the production of copper, they have been building a better economy and political relationships (especially in China and Switzerland).

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