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Random-Access Memory
RAM is a form of computer data storage. RAM affects how fast you can run applications and changes the performance of your computer. RAM allows stored data to be accessed in very nearly the same amount of time for any storage location, so data can be accessed quickly in any random order. They come in different MHz (Mega-Hertz); 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1800MHz.

What is the maximum amount of RAM my Windows 7 operating system can handle?

That depends on two factors: the amount of memory your computer hardware can handle, and the amount of memory your operating system can handle. First, your computer motherboard is designed to hold a maximum amount of RAM. When you scan your system with the Crucial System Scanner, you will see the system maximum listed on the page that shows the compatible upgrades for your system. Second, the OS maximum is the maximum amount of memory that your particular version of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS can handle. Too much RAM can lower your system's performance or cause other problems.Below are the maximum amounts of RAM for Window 7 Operating Systems:Windows 7 - 32 BitMax - 8GB RAMWindows 7 - 64 BitHome Basic - 8GBHome Premium - 16GBProffesional - 192GBEnterprise - 192GBUltimate - 192GB