Forensic Anthropology

By; Chase Ford

Forensic Anthropology in a nutshell.

Forensic Anthropology is the use of anthropology (the study of human zoology, sociology, cultures and evolution.) in criminal investigations, It takes from Biological Anthropology (physical aspects of human body) to aid in the identification of corpses and separate members that are found.
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In 2012 the median wage for an Archaeologist or an Anthropologist was $57,420 per year, and $27.61 per hour

Availability of Anthropology

In 2012, there was roughly 7,200 jobs according to the national bureau of labor statistics. And this field is projected to grow 19% y 2022 which is an enormous incline. But since it is not a huge job area there are only projected to be about 1,400 more jobs added

Things needed to be a Forensic Anthropologist

Skills include, time management, instructing skills field experience, a extremely good understanding of the tools and ways to excavate the bodies or bones that are found. Other traits include but are not limited to, writing (you have to document everything), active learning, judgment and decision making, science, (all fields) mathematics, E.T.C.

Degrees you need to have. Educational requirements.

A graduate degree is REQUIRED, in anthropology. (human biology)

biology, physiology, chemistry, some instances but prefer d physics and archaeology

Personality wise, you need to have people skills and an understanding how social behaviors work, but not always needed.


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 254-4636 (4-INFO)


Sociocultural anthropology Archaeology Biological anthropology

Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN 46556

(574) 631-5000

8,551 students metropolitan area with a population of more than 300,000

LINGUISTIC Anthropology CULTURAL Anthropology Biological Anthropology ARCHAEOLOGY

Anthropology Associations

WCAA- World Council of Anthropology Association

American Anthropological Association



As I have been told this is a relatively small field but the competition is extremely intense. do the best of your ability and get as many degrees as you can so you can rise to the top.

exactly like the TV show Bones, it is that competitive and can be like that, if you so happen to land a federal job that big.


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