Being a Lawyer

BY: Jeremiah Munnings

Training & Education

The cluster for being a lawyer is in law, public safety, corrections, and security.

The degree required is a bachelor's degree and you have to take the (LSAT) then you have to get a J.D degree.

Work Environment

- You work indoors

- you mainly work in an office

- for your wardrobe you mainly where a suit and tie.

- you do both individual and group work.

Job Description

- your salary is around 55.27 an hour and $114,975 a year.

- your job out look is 6%.

- your responsibilities are:

- advise and represent clients in courts.

- communicate with your clients.

- conduct research and analysis of legal problems.

- present facts in writing and verbally to your clients.

- prepare and file legal documents.

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in conclusion being a lawyer is hard work but its worth it in the end. If you really want to be a lawyer then you wont give you will keep trying until you succeed. I want to be on so i'm going to study hard and pass all my tests for being a lawyer.
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