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Introduction to France

-Generally speaking, the people 'who know little speak a lot and the people' who know little speak a lot. (Rousseau, philosopher.)

- France's nickname: " The Hexagon" ( six-sided country )
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France's Regions

Northern France

- Paris is the economic, political and cultural capital of France

- Lille is another important city that has textile factories, chemical plant and steel mills.

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Southwest France

- This region has grapes that are used to make wines

- Bordeaux has a reputation for producing the best wines

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-North of Paris, is another important industrial center.

- Steel mills , textile factories and chemical plants in and around Lille have provided jobs.

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The Mediterranean

-Mediterranean Sea in southeastern France is a thin strip of low-lying coastal land. Know as the Riviera, attracts millions of tourists each year.



- Saint-Tropez

- Marseille is the best busies seaport in France and the second most active in all of Western Europe.

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East France.

Fhine River, Europe's busiest waterway, forms part of France's border with Germany.

- Rhine Valley provinces with rich natural resources , have changed hands many time during conflict between France and Germany.

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France's History

- France was known as Gaul when the Romans conquered it in the first century B.C. Because they more than five hundred years, the area prospered under the Romans.

- Charlemagne became a king of Franks in A.D. 768.

-Holy Roman Empire that included much of Western Europe.

- German armies have swept across the flat northeastern plains and overrun northern France.

- U.S. help them out.

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Language and Culture.

Language of France.

The French kings expanded their control, they decreed that the language of Paris become the language of all the lands they ruled.

- Dialects : variations of languages that are unique to a region or community.

- New French words are published in official dictionaries only if they are approved by the French academy.

This is a symbol of French cultural pride.

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Cultural Identity

-These artists were leaders in a style of paining known as impressionism.

- Create clothes that influence fashion all over the world.

- Paris is the city cultural center of France.

- Louvre.

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France Today.

+ Nationalized


- France's opposition to military action against Iraq in 2003 strained its alliance with the U.S.