Background information


Major cities-Belize city,San Ignacio,orange walk

History-was it controlled by a another country-yes

What country was it controlled by-Britan

Did it gain independence-yes

When-September 21 1981

Is it still controlled-no

Official language-English

Description of flag-red top,blue middle,tree,shield,people w/weapons

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Geographical information

Where is your country-between Mexico and Caribbean sea

Physical features plateus (vaca),mountain(Victorian peak),plain-(Coastal plain)

Polital information

Type of government-constitutional monarchy

Leader-Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

Economy information

Currency-Belize dollar

economy system-capitalism

Tourist information

Why should people visit-warm weather(yearly avagerage of 84 ferenhite),islands,many caves

What should tourists see and do-tropical rain forests,pristine beaches,coral reefs

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