January 2021 News

Starting January 18th, the New OLS will be ready to be made your new homepage!  Follow these easy steps to make it so you see the new OLS every day.

Starting January 18th, the new OLS will be ready to be made as your new homepage! Follow these easy steps to make the new OLS as your homepage so you see the new OLS every day.

Step 1 - Log into the OLS

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Step 2 - Click on the fox on the right side of the screen

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Step 3 - Click on your Profile in the top left. Then select whether you want to start on the new courses or plan page under profile settings on the right

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Once you have selected your homepage you will be taken there each time you log in. You can change your selection at any time from the profile page.

There are other changes that are available now. Be sure to check them out!

- Daily progress tracking and celebration

- Ability to change the language of your OLS to Spanish

- New Winter theme option

- Gradebook view (only available for some schools)

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Have you heard about the exciting update that is coming to Class Connect? This semester, some schools will transition from Blackboard Collaborate to our new Class Connect collaboration platform, Newrow.

Join us for Newrow for Learning Coaches to become familiar with the Newrow platform. The sessions will explore how the platform will look, what engaging in a lesson will be like, explore some upgraded features and learn some basic troubleshooting tips.

Newrow sessions for Learning Coaches will be offered 3 sessions per week the weeks of 1/4, 1/11, 1/18 and 1/25.

  • Tuesday 7-8 PM EST
  • Thursday 12-1 PM EST
  • Saturday 3-4 PM EST

Go to the K12 Learning Coach Programming Smore to learn more.

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We want to help you in the transition to online learning! That’s why we are offering a Learning Coach Live Support Room via Zoom starting January 4th, 2021 where we will have moderators available 9am – 8pm ET Monday through Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm ET to answer any questions you may have as a Learning Coach.

Join the Learning Coach Live Support Room via this Zoom link:


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K12 National Clubs and Events


K12 National Clubs provide social connections with students throughout the nation. National clubs are offered on a variety of topics through engaging online club sessions. Check out our K12 National Clubs Newsletter for updates on our club offerings and to register your student(s) for a K12 online club today!

K12 National Learning Coach Programming


We are honored you chose a K12-powered school for your student(s)! We strive to provide you with helpful content, resources, and connections to be successful in your important role as a Learning Coach. Please visit our K12 National Learning Coach Programming Newsletter frequently to view the latest Learning Coach sessions and information.

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Social-Emotional Learning

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Expanding Student Expectations

The Everything Is Possible mindset teaches that we are all capable of living extraordinary lives.

Students learn that everything which exists today was once just an idea until someone believed it was possible and took the actions to make it into reality. This is true with each of our lives as well – they become, in many ways, whatever we expect them to be.

Activities you can do at home to instill an Everything Is Possible mindset:

1. Personal Mission Statement - link

2. Defining My Why - link

3. My Dream Statements - link

4. Overcoming my Challenges - link

Stay Connected on the Go!

Explore K12 on your smartphone or tablet! And stay tuned, we're continually adding new app features.

The K12 app is a great resource for parents and legal guardians, keeping you in the loop starting with your online school search to completing the enrollment process to the last day of the school year and beyond!

With the K12 app, you'll have the power to:

  • Start and complete enrollment
  • Track your student's progress
  • View your schedule
  • Log daily attendance†
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Communicate your plans for future school years

The K12 app experience may vary by school. If you have questions, call 866.571.4316 for information.

This feature is only applicable to schools that require attendance be added by the Learning Coach.