Crazy Horse

By: Raphael Frias


"The man with out ears who would not listen to counsel"


Crazy Horse was a powerful Sioux Chief. He was powerful because he had his own followers, he was in charge of the people who massacred George Custer, and when he surrendered he went to jail. The officers at the post conviced that crazy horse was plotting a out break. So crazy horse started to fight for his life with a knife. He either got wounded with his own blade or a soldier bayonet. He died on 1877 right there in jail fighting for his life and many others. lakota chief henry standing bear approached sculptor korczack ziolkowski set to work to honor Crazy Horse and his accomplishments.In 1982 Ziolkowski passed away. His 60 anniversary was 2008. Crews still didnt finish crazy horse sculptor until 2011.


1840-born.1865/68-sioux.1876-by the last of the war.1877-the village was destroyed .1877-the officers at the post conviced that crazy horse was plotting a outbreak.1877-crazy horse died.1948-lakota chief henry standing bear aproached sculptor korczak ziolkowski set to work to honor crazy horse and his accomplishments. 1982-ziolkowski passed away. 2008- marked the 60 anniversary of dedication to crazy horse. 2011- crews continue to work to honor crazy horse.