Huang He

By: Clara and Lydia


The Huang He River overflows and floods a lot. They have a system of roads to travel on. China developed along the Huang He River.


They watered their crops By creating irrigation systems they were able to have food surpluses. They had bad irrigation because the floods made really bad disasters.

Written Language

In ancient China, the people created pictographs and ideographs to write down there language.

Political Systems

Along the Huang He in China, dynasties ruled the area. Dynasties were series of rulers from the same family. Like the other river valleys, the king was in charge with nobles helping him.


Huang He has Epic poems. They are the longest poems in the world. They have a lot of statues in Huang He. Huang He used metal to make stronger tools.


In China two philosophy's started. They are known as confucasion and tooism. Tooism or doaism began in China by a philosopher known as lao-tse. His book is dao de Ching, which means book of life. They don't believe in trying to change the world, and they believe the government should stay out of peoples lives.