by Avi / book report by Gina Cleveland

The Seer of Shadows

The Seer of Shadows is about a boy named Horace, a girl named Pegg, and a ghost named Eleanora. Horace is a photography apprentice for a man named Enoch Middleditch, who is trying to trick one of their customers. Pegg works for the Von Macht family. The Von Machts had adopted Eleanora, neglected her because she would not sign over her inherited money, and ended up killing her. Eleanora is the adopted daughter of the Von Machts, who died of neglect and is now coming back to get even with the Von Machts.

This exciting story takes place in New York City in 1872. The main problem in the story is that Eleanora has come back as a ghost and is trying to kill the Von Machts. Horace and Pegg have to try to stop her.

Camera from the 1800s

This camera is connected to The Seer of Shadows because the main character, Horace, is a photography apprentice. It is through pictures Horace takes of a dead girl's portrait and grave, that she is brought back to the real world as a ghost.


This candlestick makes me think of The Seer of Shadows because in the story the dead girl's mom, who adopted her, requests a candlestick be in the picture she is getting taken of herself. She has purchased the fancy candlestick using money she obtained through Eleanora's death.

Burning Building

This picture makes me think of the business building Eleanora burns down in the book. Eleanora burns down the business of Mr. Frederick Von Macht as part of her revenge for killing her.

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Horse Drawn Carriage

This carriage is a reminder of how Horace sees Elearnora is driving the carriage carrying Mrs. Von Macht. This scares Horace, as he thinks Eleanora will kill her.