US Industrialization

Brady Madsen

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John Rockefeller

Who: John D Rockefeller, was one of the first billionaire

What: He was the founder of the first oil company, he was an American business magnate and philanthropist.

When: Born on July 8, 1839, died on May 23, 1937

Where: His oil company was built in Cleveland Ohio

Why: He established foundations that were pioneers in medical research

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Alexander Graham Bell

Who: Alexander Graham Bell, he made the first telephone

What: He was an eminent scientist, inventor, and a engineer

Where: He lived with his grandpa in London for a little bit

Why: He made the telephone so it can help the morse code

When: Born on March 3, 1847, died on August 2, 1922

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The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

Who: The union helped fight of the people who went on strike

What: Men started fighting because of wages, it started on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad

When: It started in July 17, 1877. Ended in August 1877Where: It started in Martinsburg, west Virginia

Why: Because the company had to reduce workers wages twice over the previous year

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Effect on Native Americans

Why: To help people get around the country faster, Indianans did not like it.

What: Central pacific and union pacific built the railroad

Where: It started in Nebraska and ended in California

When: It opened in 1869, it started being made in 1862