CGELC Newsletter

February & March 2016

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Dear Parents & Guardians

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016! Children are all settling into their relevant groups, and we are looking forward to sharing another year of fun and learning together!

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to be involved with our programming and if there is anything you would like us to incorporate into our programme feel free to discuss this with one of our educators!

Staff of Castle Grove ELC.

Extra Curricular Activities

This year we have three extra curricular programmes running at our centre.

Little Rising Stars (Soccer) - Wednesdays at 9am

Little Rising Stars is a sports based gross motor development for children which is incorporated into our outdoor programme. In these classes children engage in basic soccer training exercises such as running, training ladders, jumping over low hurdles, and also ball skills (kicking and scoring goals).

Kindy Active - Wednesdays at 11am.

Kindy Active is a gross motor development programme based on music, sensory experience and role play. It is set along to a unique topic each week and children are able to develop their gross motor skills while working through various activities along the story of that week's adventure.

Fit Kids Future - Fridays (starting in March 2016)

With Fit Kids Future children develop their gross motor skills through fun, active games while learning about their bodies and how to keep it fit and healthy!!

Clothing Policy

We would just like to remind families that children should all be clothed in an appropriate manner which will allow them to explore and play freely and not restrict them in using equipment while at play.

Children should have appropriate footwear that enables them to play comfortably, and not have any safety concerns ( thongs, clogs, sandals and backless shoes present a trip factor and restrict children from using the equipment safely).

The recommended and most appropriate foot wear would be socks & velcro runners which are easier for children to manage and also help them to cultivate necessary self help skills expected for formal school. Also please refer to our ' sleep, rest, relaxation and clothing policy' for full information.

CGELC Garden

It is that time of year and we are working in our garden to prepare it so that it will all be ready for Spring!

We would really appreciate the support of the families with this project. If you have any garden accessories to spare we would love to be able to use them in our school garden. If you'd like to come and help us in preparing our garden beds we'd really appreciate that too!

Australia Day

In January we celebrated Australia Day. This gave us an opportunity to learn about the country in which we live and learn about how it was discovered and how it came to be the Australia that we know today!

Chinese New Year

In February we celebrated Chinese New Year - this year (2016) is YEAR OF THE MONKEY.

We learned all about traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, hung some decorations around our centre, and even made some delicious dumplings as part of our celebration!

Coming Up in MARCH

March is set to be filled with some fun celebrations and learning about traditions from foreign cultures.

17 March - St Patricks Day

Come to school dressed in green!!
On St Patricks Day we will learn about the Irish culture and some of their celebratory traditions.

21 March - Harmony Day

On Harmony Day we will take the time to reflect on cultural diversity within our centre, Australia and all around the world!

25 -28 March - Easter Weekend

As easter approaches we will take the time to learn about and reflect on the true meaning of the Easter Holiday!