Down Syndrome/Trisomy 21

By Leo Crites

What causes Down Syndrome?

It is caused by Abnormal Cell division that makes extra genetic material on chromosome 21.

What chromosome is affected

X chromosome 21

Prenatal test?

Down Syndrome requires a medical diagnostic.


Shortened neck

Small head

Do not grow at the same pace as others

poor muscle tone

unusually shaped or small ears.

What people can be affected?

Anyone can have down syndrome at birth, and every 1/800 kids are born with downs.

How is it inherited?

Down syndrome is a not inherited condition.

Medical Assistance?

From a very young age, your child must do daily check ups with a doctor. Things such as therapy, special ed, etc.

What further assistance is needed as the child grows older?

No special need, but it is recommended for the parent to teach the child job skills.

What is the long term outlook?

The child will almost always have down syndrome, but they can still be effective in society.

Treatments or Cures?

No, unfortunately :'(

Can the disorder be prevented?

No, unfortunately. :'(

Can people with down syndrome have kids?


Will the child be effected?

There is a 35%-50% chance the child will have downs if one parent has downs. It raises exponentially if both parents have downs. This could also lead to a miscarriage. :'(

Can a cure be coming?

The research is improving and people with downs are living longer but no cure is in the immediate future.

Extra info

Down Syndrome is an incredibly sad disease but can earn TV companies millions by making shows about their daily lives because it is so emotionally powerful.


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