We Help You Do Healthy...

HealthKick Mission

HealthKick's mission is to support employees with the tools to build healthy practices into their lives to achieve peak performance professionally and personally.

HealthKick brings health and wellness experts in nutrition, fitness, stress management and mindfulness to companies in the context of a networking setting, such as affinity networks, team building events or client entertaining experiences.

Events educate, motivate and inspire employees and help them keep wellbeing top of mind, while also connecting with colleagues:

  • Programming brought in through a networking context encourages employee engagement and participation

  • Group experiences create an environment for individuals to learn, share and support each other in their healthy living goals

HealthKick's membership option offers employees discounts on a platform of products and services that support individuals in making healthy living a way of life, such as:

  • Healthy meal delivery, healthy office snack boxes, fresh juices, personal training sessions, fitness classes, meditation coaching, nutrition counseling, natural skincare products and wellness escapes

Corporate Wellness Programs: The Employee Engagement Disconnect

According to Gallup, 85% of US employers with more than 1,000 employees offer a wellness program, yet only:

  • 24% of employees participate in their company's wellness program

  • 12% of employees strongly agree that they have substantially higher overall wellbeing because of their employer

  • 9% of workers in the US say that it is easy to find healthy food at their workplace

  • 5% report their organization offers financial incentives for leading a healthy lifestyle

Career Development and Engagement in Wellness Programs

Investing in people's development causes them to take the initiative to invest in themselves and their own wellbeing, according to Gallup research:

  • Engaged employees are 21% more likely to participate in wellness programs

  • Employees with higher career wellbeing are more likely to become involved in employee sponsored wellness programs

  • Direct reports of managers with high overall wellbeing are 15% more likely to have high overall wellbeing six months later

HealthKick Increases Employee Engagement in Corporate Wellness Offerings by:

  • Bringing in programming through networking channels, thereby creating career development opportunities for employees

  • Aligning managers and employees in prioritizing their wellbeing

  • Offering clear financial incentives to employees via access to a platform of discounted top-tier products and services that support their healthy living goals

  • Connecting employees with the tools to customize a healthy living program specific to their existing lifestyles and needs

Paying it Forward

Further to HealthKick's mission is instilling the value of healthy living in the next generation and empowering children with the knowledge of nutrition, fitness and stress management practices. To this end, HealthKick partners with non-profits that promote health and wellness education for school aged children. A portion of every HealthKick engagement and/or membership fee is donated to the affiliated non-profit of a company's choosing.