Photography Camp

Make your selfies flawless

Photography Camp

Ran by: Kellie Roth and Austin Coudriet

Photography Camp

Monday, May 25th, 1pm

6400 South 70th Street

Lincoln, NE

All ages are welcome to this four day event. All you need to bring is your camera. Any camera will work, even your phone! If it's possible please bring along your lap top if you have one. If you don't let us know! You are welcome to bring any other items you want or think you will need.


Day 1: Introduction and Tips.

To start our event off we will just have an opening and then start talking about the basics and tips. We will also have one on one question time so you can ask us anything about your own camera or any concerns you have.

Day 2: Photo adventures.

We will spend the day getting to know each other and taking pictures around Lincoln that we can use through out the week. Rides will be provided.

Day 3: Upload and editing.

We will talk about and work with uploading your images onto an editing program. We will cover the basics in any editing program and then talk about specific brands and how to work with them.

Day 4: Wrap up.

Our last day together will be spent sharing our pictures with each other and submitting some into shows.

Contact Information and RSVP

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Also please RSVP for this event and let me know if there's anything I need to supply for you.