The Grimm Conclusion

by Adam Gidwitz

Book Review

The setting of this book actually changes every chapter, but the true setting is at Jorinda and Joringles home in a small neighborhood.The main action happens at their house at the beginning of the book, but more happens throughout the book. I have never been to a place like this before and I would not like to visit this place.

Main Characters

The main Characters are Jorinda and Joringel. They are both twins, and they go through many troubles with their family. Jorinda is a young girl with black hair, and Joringel is a little boy also with black hair. They both have blue eyes. Jorinda changes because his father dies and Jorinda and Joringel get frustrated.

Other Characters

The other characters in the story are the stepfather which is really evil.There are also the twin sisters that were the stepfathers. There is The mother of Jorinda and Joringel. I liked Jorinda and Joringel because they had feelings for their father and they wished he never died.

What happened in the beginning?

At the beginning of the story Jorinda and Joringel were born. The father was so happy he died. Then the stepfather lives with them. The stepfather tricks jorinda into getting an apple from the kitchen. The stepfather then murders Jorinda when no one was looking and he makes a stew out of him.

What happened in the middle?

Jorinda gets asked to a party by a prince, so she dressed up as good as she can. The stepsisters tear up her clothes and she started to cry. Her godmother appears and gives her a wagon, a new dress, and glass slippers. The rules were that she had to be home by midnight and everything will disappear. She gets to the party and she dances with the prince for a while. The clock struck twelve and she ran home and dropped her glass slippers. The next day the prince tries to find the girl and talked to the stepsisters. The stepsisters tried to trick him and put the slipper on but it didn't fit. Joringel walked to the door and tried it on. It fit her foot.

What finally happened?

Jorinda and Joringel run away because of their stepfather and went to the princes kingdom. The prince let them stay in his kingdom as long as they want unless they follow some rules. Later on Jorinda and Joringel break the rules by letting children do whatever they want. The prince kicked out Joringel because Jorinda blamed him for it. Ten years later Joringel returns and tries to rescue his sister from the kingdom. Jorinda agrees and tries to escape but the prince wouldn't let them. They gathered all the children who suffered in the kingdom and had a war against the other people of the kingdom. Jorinda and Joringel won the war, returned home and lived happily ever after. They had killed the stepfather and under the juniper tree the father came out of his grave alive and happy again.

The problem and how it was solved

The problem was their mother was sad for an unknown reason until the children find clues in her room. The problem was she wanted a full and perfect family, but because her husband died, she has been sad ever since. So they killed the stepfather and the father came back.

What I learned

I learned in this book that if you fix the bad stuff in life your life will be better, like how they killed the evil stepfather and the father came back to life.


The author thinks that the relationship with brothers and sisters are important.

Did I like the story?

I really liked this story because it was familiar to some of my favorite fairy tales.