The Menominee Tribe

"Wild Rice People"

Past history

The Menominee tribe lived in Wisconsin & Michigan. They had to face bears, moose, cranes, wolfs, eagles, Sac & Fox tribes.

Present history

The Menominee Tribe lives in Wisconsin & upper Michigan Peninsulla. Most children aren't learning their native language.they are trying to keep their land


They ate wild rice, deer, fish, squash, beans, nuts, berries, syrup from tree, bison & caribou.


Women's wore woven skirt. Men's wore breechcloth with leggings.


They had wigwam houses, long houses, tepees, grass houses, wattle houses, & chickee houses. They were made out of mud, wood, bark, & cloth.


They had bow & arrow, spear, war club, tomahawks, axe, & knives. They were made out of wood, stone, medal,


They played a game called snow snake & lacrosse.

Interesting facts

They told myths like thunder bird, underground panther, fox plays a trick, & how the porcupine got his quills. They did quill work & bead work.