Be the predator not the prey!

Set your Digital advertising goals & make your presence felt

Facebook's PPC is $0.25 whereas Google's can be $100 but Who rules advertising?

Google's corner:

Google ads are great for reaching customers at the point when they are showing a high buying intent or to advertise content at a point when they’re conducting research. You’ll probably pay a bit more per click, but you know exactly what’s going through the searcher’s head whenever they see your ad.

Facebook's corner:

Facebook Ads offer powerful targeting capabilities and allow you to reach people who don’t even know your product exists which means they’re not searching for your solution or brand. This is great for generating more awareness, interest, and desire for your product. And last but not least, Facebook offers access to a very large audience at a very competitive price, and they’re retargeting option gives you even more control over who sees your ads and in at least some cases have been outperforming Google retargeting campaigns.

Anchor on the right platform & see your numbers sore high!

Your target group i.e. the people you want to sell your services/products to must be defined. Then choose one or both, it's totally up to you. Any small business can work wonders on these platforms; Just with the right intent.

One of the biggest differences between Google and Facebook Ads is search intent. Google searchers are specifically looking for something while Facebook users are shown ads based upon their interests. Whereas Google has a pull marketing strategy, Facebook is about brand awareness.

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