What's Fun in Grade One?

Everything you need to know about First Grade!

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Remote Learning- Everything you need to know!

Check this part of the Smore for everything related to our remote learning plan. I will update it as needed!

  • Teacher office hours: 9:00-11:00 A.M., 1:30-3:00 P.M. every day
  • Teachers will be available through email during this time.
  • Students can find their lesson plans on Google Classroom every week.
  • The specials teachers have created classrooms!

- To join Mrs. Peters's art classroom use this code: 7gulxxh

- To join Coach Meger's pe classroom use this code: ecjb6g3

- To join Mrs. Suarez's music classroom use this code: ieqmytn


  • Have your child log in on webdesk and google. DO NOT log in under a parent account.
  • Webdesk link: http://webdesk.pisd.edu/
  • Use webdesk so the passwords will be saved!
  • When it asks to install an extension, allow it! This is what saves the passwords
  • If you use webdesk and it still is asking for a username and password for google, log in using the student email! This email is your child's username with @mypisd.net. The password is the same!

For example: stephanie.myers.1@mypisd.net

  • If it says "request access" when you click on a link, check that you are logged in with a student account. If you are on a student account and it still says "request access", email your teacher!
  • If your child gets locked out of their account, email the helpdesk: tsos@pisd.edu
  • To get to Brainpop Jr.

-Go to webdesk and click on "My Backpack"

-Click on any of the classes or content areas

-Click on Brainpop Jr.

-You will have to search for the video using the title from the plans

  • If Pebblego isn't working, try this:

username: planoisd

password: connect19!

Check out the videos below for help with finding and using the lesson plans in google classroom and to join classrooms.

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This week in writing, we will be writing a short story! Students are encourage to brainstorm and make a plan for their writing by thinking of the character, setting, problem, and resolution of their story. Then they will begin their rough draft by writing down what happens first, next, and last in their story. Their goal for this week is to get their rough draft written.

We will also continue to work on inferring. As a student reads, they will be using clues in the story and what they already know to infer (or understand what isn't being said!)

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We are putting our skip counting skills to good use by counting money! At the beginning of the week, we will review each coin. Then students will practice skip counting dimes and nickels by 10's and 5's, respectively, and counting on by 1's when counting pennies. At the end of the week, they will begin to practice with quarters!

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This week we are reviewing different animal life cycles. We will review the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. Students are expected to know the stages of these cycles and what physical changes occur on the animal.
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We are continuing our unit on inventors. We will look at many different inventors of the next couple of weeks. This will lead us into a unit on learning about how things have changed from the past to the present. Right now, we would like students to learn about these inventors and how their inventions are important to our lives.
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Students should have assignments turned in by Friday!