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Legal matters are almost never simple.

Get Help With Your Criminal Defense in St. Louis

Legal matters are almost never simple, especially when it comes to criminal charges. People who have to deal with criminal charges often find themselves in a situation that could have ended better for them. In many cases the defendant gets the worst sentence possible because they did not build a viable defense. There are several strategies for building a defense in a criminal case. Because the burden of proof is on the prosecution the most common defense is to create doubt in the evidence. This strategy might not always work, so it's important to choose a smart and aggressive attorney.

When it comes time to hire a criminal defense attorney St Louis the first thing to do is to inform the attorney of all the information about the case. Leaving a single piece of information out could ruin the defense. Once a lawyer is hired they cannot discuss the details of a case or the information about the case with anyone. This means that even if the defendant is guilty they must explain everything to their lawyer. In most all cases involving criminal law, the prosecution will have to prove intent in order to prove their case. With the right facts a defense attorney could build a reasonable doubt of the intent the prosecution intends to prove.

A criminal defense attorney St Louis can help reduce the sentence of a criminal charge if not have the case dismissed altogether. By asking for leniency, it's possible for the sentence to be reduced to the minimum allowed by law. Working with the prosecuting attorney to have lesser charges filed instead of contesting the current charges. Pleading guilty to a lesser charge will result in reduced sentences and fewer fines. In some cases defense attorney is smart enough and lucky enough to find a way to have the case dismissed.

In any case it's important to start with a strong defense. It's never a good idea to hope for a lucky break. The attitude the defendant shows in the court will also have a big impact on how the court judges. Coming to court with a well built defense show the court that the defendant is serious. Anyone facing criminal charges should contact an attorney as soon as possible. The professionals at the Lozano Law are ready to help defendants build a strong defense and hopefully reduce the sentence in case of hopefully have it dismissed