Digital Resources for Open House

Provided by the FBISD Digital Learning Department

Sign-Up Genius

Use Sign-Up Genius to set up and organize teacher conferences.


Create a mini-video about yourself and/or classroom expectations.

Google Forms

Collect information from parents and students.

  • For long URL's, use a URL shortner-


Share parent access details and usage expectations with parents.

QR Codes

Generate QR codes with helpful information:

  • Place QR Code outside of the classroom linking to course syllabus, teacher webpage, etc.
  • Create a message that reads…Hello! I am so pleased to be teaching ___________at ______________ school! Please feel free to contact me at any time! My email address is, my phone # is ________and more…
  • Create a QR Code Scavenger Hunt for parents and/or students on accessing library digital resources.
QR Code Generators:

VBrick/ Want to give all your parents a personal message in the classroom? Using your broadcast studio or a video camera to record a message that can be played in the classroom through Tunein2 gives that personal touch to each parent as you welcome them to your school. Or, instead of a video message, prepare a PowerPoint that can be streamed from your encoder allowing teachers to use their projectors to broadcast the announcements you’d like to convey.

Atomic Learning

Share resources and parent access information.

Prepare a list of Apps that you will be using with your students and share with parents.