Brandon B.

Photograhpy is a way to capture the moment. Photograhpy helps stress but, there is much more to do with a photo such as location, objects, distance, lighting, filter, and photoshop.
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Location and Objects

Location and objects are things you can start off with. Food, park, animanl, shop, hotel, drinks, clothes, and perople with there friends. Locations can be fancy, dark, or fun. Objects like clohtes, food, or pets can describe who are. A coffee shop may mean you're really hippy, malls or clohtes may mean you like fashion, art or pets mean you are creative.
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A coffee shop might mean you are really hip.


Distance is really important to know and practice. There are lots of ways to take a picture but, the basics are to close, to far, and just right. When the is really close to an object it means you need to focus on something. When a photo is really far away from something you hace to pay attention on all parts. This may also mean they or the photographer is challenging you to find what really matters.

Lighting, Filter, and photoshop

The most important topics are lighting, filter, and photoshop. Lighting can be dark or light. Examples of filter is Vintage, Fade, moon, and outline. Vintage makes things look black and white, Fade makes objects glow or sparkle, Moon will make things tan or brown, and Outline makes things have no shadow. Photoshop gets pther pictures and combine them or make small touch ups.
Photography is an amazing hobby to enjoy and explore. There are many things to know about a picture but, now i have one question for you. What moments will you ?