Hello, June!


Would you like a personalized summer business plan?

What's your "Summer Why"?? Whether it's paying for summer camp, back to school supplies, paying off debt or even a family vacation, what do you want your Chloe + Isabel paycheck to pay for this Summer? Fill out this form and I will email you a summer business plan made specially for you and the time that you can commit, as well as the income that you need! http://goo.gl/forms/S0J2Bt4JDiBwLUiq2

Congratulations to our MAY TOP 20!!!

This list is truly incredible - so many incentives earned and goals met in May!! As an overall team, we had eighty-three merchandisers with sales and twenty-nine of them who achieved $500+ in sales!! We had eighteen ladies who earned 30% commission for having over $800 in sales, nine who earned the $1500 incentive level, and two merchandisers who earned both of the incentive levels AND 35% commission, for selling over $3000!!!!! WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!!
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Are you ready to make this summer sparkle?!

I'm so excited about the Summer of Sparkle Challenge and hope that you are too! Just take a minute and think about your favorite stores – how do they work their summer business? Do they close up shop? How would you feel if they did?! Pretty sure that I’d find a new favorite store - I mean, I’m definitely not taking the summer off from shopping! Your business is no different! Of course there are busy times and busier months during the year, but remaining a consistent presence with your customers will pay off in the long run!

Our Summer of Sparkle Challenge will help you achieve your short term and long term goals by building a consistent business now. Be sure to check out below, the different incentive levels that you can earn for your consistency this summer. You will have the chance to earn each incentive level based on which sales you achieve each month for June, July, and August. Be sure to check out my previous email for all of the details!

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