Genetically Modified Sweet Potato


Common Name

Sweet Potato

Scientific Name

Ipombea Batatas


Sweet Potatos were never made from a megacorporations. They were found in nature by other farmers and scientist. Bacteria helps the roots of the sweet potato swollen, and it helps to make two hormones. A lot of people think that more genes helps its growth.

Picture of a Modified Sweet Potato

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U.S. Production of Sweet Potato

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World Production of Sweet Potato

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Why is it modified?

Its modified because more and more people want more and megacorporations or high class corporations want to sell more and more of them. They pump more and more and more genes into them to be bigger and fatter or wider. grocery stores will get more money because all produce is weighted on their scales.

Where is the DNA coming from?

The DNA going to the sweet potato's are coming from either from local scientist or high government paid scientist. Then they are distributed by a major company who sells DNA mostly.