Internet safety

Internet safety is very important

There are viruses and other things that can harm your computer SO BE CAREFULL ON THE INTERNET

The way to use technology appropriately is to be safe. You can be safe by trusting only the person you know

Protect yourself

There are many ways you can use technology appropriately. The top 3 ways are

1. Don't trust everything online.

2. Check who made the website because some bad people may have made the website.

3. Don't share your username and/or password even if the person is your friend. Only tell a parent/guardian.

Look at the robber and look at the girl. You never know if the person is a bad person

Internet safety

Pay close attention

The internet is beneficial

1. Google maps. They benefit us because we need to look at the location of something then it tells us the exact place.

2. Youtube. It's beneficial because it shows us the videos of the thing we need.

3. Wikipedia. It benefits us because it is a free encyclopedia it gives us information about things

The internet is risky

1. Google. Google is risky because it mostly shows information that is fake.

2. Facebook. People use fake accounts of other people who died already you think it's cool at first that you are following someone really cool but when you know it was a fake account you are mad at that person.

3.Prodigy. You play that game over and over again but one day someone in your class knows your username and/or password aaaaaaand you get hacked.

The internet

The internet is a great thing but can bring problems like someone asks your personal info. and you tell him/her the person could harm you or steal your stuff