Rice Elementary PBIS Data

November 6, 2015

Referral comparison (Majors):

2013-14 258 referrals

2014-15 232 referrals

2014-15 thru Oct 31 51 referrals (2 students with >=3)

2015-16 thru Oct 31 36 referrals (4 students with >=3)

Day of the Week Data

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Referrals per day per month

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Majors: We always call a parent from the office (unless we know that you have). The copy of the referral should give you the critical info, but if you want more info in any behavioral situation, just let me know.

LSS: Services are happening, despite some scheduling challenges. Services can happen without charge to families, but sometimes they need to talk to the correct people to ensure billing is addressed.

Rice Staff: Keep supporting each other! The Staff PATH slips are in the lounge for you to honor your colleagues.

Behavior PLC Time

Friday, Nov. 6th, 10am

Rice, MN, United States

Rice, MN

1. Exchange thoughts about the data shared.

2. Did you experiment with Enforceable Statements? How did it go?

3. Discuss common areas. For example, discuss each person's expectations in the hallway and any challenges that have been experienced.

4. Share out.