Intro to Essential Oils

Zumba® Fitness too!

Free essential oils class, followed by Zumba® with Dalli

Join us for an educational class about doTerra's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and how nature's medicine cabinet can empower you to take care of your family's health in infinite ways on a daily basis.

Learn insightful knowledge on how to:
Help coughs, colds, flu, earaches, headaches & more
Build your immune system
Relieve stress & anxiety and lift your mood
Assist in first aid and pain relief
Clean the air in your environment (home, school, work)
Cleanse your body and naturally support its systems

Intro to Essential Oils

Friday, May 2nd, 7:15-8pm

Just Dance Ohio, 7010 Hospital Drive, Dublin, OH, 43016

The oils class is free, so bring a friend! Regular class fees apply for the Zumba® fitness class. For more information, contact Dalli at, 614-257-7710

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