History Block 4

From the “Caudillos” to the Institutions (1920- 1982)

Mexico 's solidarity toward peoples in conflict

º In 1936 started a Civil war in Spain, they faced the defenders of the Republic and to the side that he agreed with the establishment of a military government led by General Francisco Franco.

º Spanish kids were refugees in Mexico because of the civil war in Spain. Group of Spanish people that refugee at a soup kitchen in Mexico were known as "los niños de Morelia”

º In 1937 Spanish people began to arrive to Mexico, fleeing from the Civil War and the repression of the Franco government, but it was starting in 1939 when the war ended in favor of Franco, who arrived in plenty of numbers to Mexico. º They were more than 400 children who came to be in the refuge in Mexico during the Civil war were of age of 6-12 years. These children were looking for a shelter because the Civil war was very dangerous for them. º Many children of fishermen , carpenters , farmers, and Republican fighters , who had died in battle or who had decided to send their children outside the country to survive , are children who were in these homes or shelters.


The student movement of 1968

º In the summer of 1968, some students began to protest against the authorities of the city of Mexico, which they were suppressed by force and some were imprisoned including employees and housewives.

º While this was happening all inhabitants of Mexico were aware of what was happening in Mexico because first they were going to make the Olympic Games in a Latin American country.

º While this was happening, the people in Mexico were also interested in the conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States because they impose their political and economic domain; what became known as the Cold War.

º In Mexico youth sector shared these ideas and repression that had once again been given the opportunity to protest and demand change.