Athletic Trainer

Kathy Wojtulewicz Period 10

Career Description

Athletic trainers are mainly there or prevent any injuries from occurring, the work with high school athletes all the way to the professional athletes, they also work with every day people that have injuries from work related incidents.They either work on site ( school, stadium) or at an clinic or even both. Athletic Trainers asses injuries and then do rehabilitation with the patient.

  • Average salary for an athletic trainer is about $21.70 an hour,
  • Depending on how high you are in your position you make $35,000 to $75,000 a year.
  • Need to have at least a bachelors degree completed
  • Locations: Schools, colleges, physicians offices, professional sports teams


By 2020 the demand for athletic trainers will go up by 30%

Skills Required

  • Applied Knowledge: Need to be able to have a wide range of medical knowledge. Be able to evaluate symptoms, and talk to other professionals about treatment.
  • Decision-making Skill: Quick decisions need to be made, that could effect the inured person
  • Detail Oriented: Record detail accurately and make sure patients receive correct treatment

Education Needed

  • Bachelors Degree, Nothing less
  • Must Be licensed by state
  • Bass the BOC Exam or State exam