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Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer and Joe Harper are gone, lost, missing. The towns people of St. Petersburg believe that the boys drownded because of the raft they found caught in bushes and trees. But I have a different opinion I think that they ran away to a nearby town. I think what I think because the boys were exceptionaly good swimmers. If you have any information about the boys whereabouts please speak now!

How the Boys Look (Huck, Tom, Joe)

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Possible Locations of the Boys

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Mr. Twain's Interview

What is one of your faverite quotes in the book Tom Sawyer?

I enjoy this quote, “Huck was always willing to take a hand in any enterprise that offered entertainment and required no capital, for he had a troublesome super-abundance of that sort of time which is not money.”

Is Tom Sawyer a made up boy or a real one?

Tom Sawyer is a character made up of many different traits of young boys from back then.

Mr.Twain, what is your faverite character in Tom Swyer, why?

I like Huck the best because he just goes along with just about anything, and he adds just that little bit of crazyness. You know the things that make you ask why just why.