Amanda B.

Daughter Aunt Gymnast

About Me

I love gymnastics. I am a level four competitive gymnast. I love going around Nebraska to different meets. I also enjoy music. I play the violin in orchestra. I am 6th chair out of 30 chairs. I also play the piano. I have recitals and contests and play lots of different songs. I am also in choir. I am a soprano and love singing upbeat songs. I also spend lots of time at church. I sing in the band, teach Sunday School, and lead a lot for church activities.

I love going on vacation and out of town. I love going out to my brothers house. We go shooting, ride golf carts crazily, and hang out at his house. I can't wait to go on vacation this summer I am going to LA and am super excited!

I also love my family. I have an older sister who teaches at the school I go to. She has a husband and the cutest little son! I also have an older brother who lives in South Dakota. He owns a hunting lodge, takes care of 30 dogs, is in charge of all of the paperwork for it, and still finds time for his wife, son, and daughter.Also, my mom and dad are always running me places and taking care of me. So they should get some of the credit for me being so awesome!

My friends are the most understanding and crazy people I know, but they will always be there for me. We love to hang out with each other, and eat lunch together. We like to be nice to each other, but we LOVE to pester and beat the others!In other words we are super competitive!

Facts About Me!

1) I am an aunt!

2) I love my dogs!

3) I have wonderful friends!

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