Navy Birthday

October 13th

Navy Birthday: Make it Known! Thank a Member of the U.S. Navy.

Help Navy Day be made known throughout the United States. Everyone who works for all of us to live freely should have an important day to honor their sacrifices. The Navy began even before our country declared independence. If you think about it, without the Continental Navy we might not have the Fourth of July. On October 13th, we should all take time out to thank a member of the U. S. Navy.

Navy Birthday

Sunday, Oct. 13th, 10am

3450 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest

Washington, D.C., DC

The Navy Was Born

On October 13, 1774 the Continental Congress voted to arm and man two sailing vessels. From this small beginning grew the world’s largest naval force. Establishing a navy was a bold move for the colonies. Navy Birthday is important because the Continental Navy helped defeat the British. Still today the United States Navy helps to serve and protect our country aiming to keep peace throughout the world. For these reasons Navy Birthday is a National Day that should be celebrated. It does not need to be an official holiday since we have Veterans Day in November.